News : Green Tips from Lynne Ganley

Feb 22, 2013

This week's Green Tips come from Lynne Ganley, a locally based independent Arbonne representative.

1. Use plant-based personal care products. Plants are bio-identical to the human body, meaning the body recognizes plants as being like itself. When you use plant-based products, the body knows exactly how to use and assimilate the ingredients, whereas synthetic ingredients can clog pores or cause unpleasant reactions.

2. Know your ingredients. Stay away from mineral oil, petroleum and petrolatum in your personal-care products — all are forms of gasoline or fuel, and they're in 98 percent of all personal-care products and cosmetics. In fact, petroleum jelly is a by-product of making gasoline.

3. Use personal-care products that aren't tested on animals or contain animal products or by-products. Road kill, diseased farm animals, euthanized pets, the meat that didn't sell at the grocery store, old restaurant grease — are all used as ingredients in personal-care products and cosmetics. Animal or animal by-product ingredients are not beneficial to humans in any way.

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