News : Gloucester erects 4-megawatt wind system thanks to help from Portsmouth company

Feb 20, 2013

From Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

With the use of wind power continuing to grow, it’s no surprise that the tri-bladed turbines peppering an increasing swath of the American landscape have become the supermodels of green growth – the sky-swept arms and glistening towers appear tailor made for the camera’s lens.

But seldom is attention given to the green cutting edge’s more hidden inner workings, and the tools and technologies that make it all possible.

Take the dual wind turbine system recently put online in Gloucester, Massachusetts just a few months back. For all its outward grace and power – and at roughly 400 feet tall and 4-megawatts, there are plenty of both – the system wouldn’t have been possible without a high-tech data communications system provided by Portsmouth’s own TVC Systems.

TVC, which specializes in high-tech information control systems designed to bolster energy efficiency and overall performance, provided what project manager Adam Sargent calls “communication architecture,” or the mechanisms necessary to tie the dual turbine into an electrical grid.

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