News : Forget about the Gym; UNH Community Embraces Yoga As Sustainable, Accessible and Affordable Fitness

Feb 18, 2013

From Exeter Patch

By Austin Sorette

These days college students are turning away from the traditional gym and looking for more stimulating, rewarding and sustainable options to stay physically fit. 

So it’s no surprise that one of the most popular modern trends is also one of the greenest forms of exercise.

If you're a college student, it can also be one of the most affordable as well.

Yoga stimulates the body, the spirit, and the mind. No wonder, then, that more and more young people are being drawn in by this ancient tradition.

“There is definitely something cool about yoga and how it looks and feels challenging.” says Lona Kovacs, owner of the Dover based Green Lotus Yoga Studio. “It's interesting to hear all of the things that make people walk through our door.”

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