News : Academy to Instruct ABCs of Sustainability for Businesses

Feb 20, 2013

From the Londonderry Patch and the Concord Patch

By Heikki Perry

A human resources company is offering classes at its Sustainability Academy designed to guide small- and mid-size businesses through the process of getting sustainability started and implemented in their organizations.

The Sustainability Academy is a three-class program that helps businesses start with sustainability in a very practical way. Each is a stand-alone class, and together they give small- and mid-size business owners the right amount of knowledge and tools to start a sustainability program at their company. After each three-hour class, participants will have an action plan in hand that they can implement in their workplace. And two weeks after each class, participants return to the Sustainability Academy to share the results with their classmates.

The Sustainability Academy is the brainchild of Mirjam IJtsma, owner of Cultural Chemistry, a unique service that mimics a traditional human resources department but offers its services at a fraction of the typical cost. She started the Small Business Academy — which supports the Sustainability Academy — because there is no place in New England where small- and mid-size business owners can attend workshops that deliver hands-on, practical knowledge without either spending an arm and a leg or when just one or two people need to be trained.

“When meeting with other consultants in the sustainability area, we felt that this was specifically true when it came to training in the area of social responsibility and sustainability,” IJtsma says. “This is when we decided to join forces. We are very proud to have a solid faculty team that can support small businesses with direct feedback, coaching and their knowledge.”

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