News : 5 Green Tips

Feb 4, 2013

From the Portsmouth Herald

This week’s Green Tips come from Brian Yurick of Home Town Technology Consultants, an IT company based in Portsmouth.

1. Use your computer’s power-save settings. Unless you have very specific needs, there’s no reason for your computers to be running 24/7, especially at night.

2. Ask about upgrading your current computer rather than always getting the latest and greatest.

3. If you must get a new computer, donate or find a good use for your old computer. There’s no reason to send it to the landfill if a charity or nonprofit could use it. The Green Alliance at 75 Congress St. in Portsmouth hosts a free laptop recycling program via responsible recycler Metal Wave.

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4. Businesses, ask about “virtualization” and how it could save money and energy. More and more companies are moving to “the cloud,” saving money and reducing their carbon footprint in the process.


5. Consumers, see whether your favorite retailer has a smartphone app. Many will allow you to download a coupon and scan it off your phone at the checkout rather than having to print it out on paper.

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