News : Riverworks Printing Offers Affordable, Sustainable Advertising With Vehicle Magnets

Jan 23, 2013

From Exeter Patch

By Austin Sorette

These days, advertising is everywhere: billboards, television, radio stations, you name it.

But advertising can also burn an enormous hole in your pocket, particularly if you’re a small business that’s just gotten its feet off the ground.

Recognizing the need for a more affordable option, Riverworks Printing is helping make advertising more efficient and affordable with their customizable, eco-friendly vehicle magnetics.

“We have seen a dramatic increase of vehicle magnet orders this year,” says Danis Chamberlin, Printing Manager at Riverworks. “I think many people forget how great magnets can be for business advertising but now they are realizing that instead of an expensive full car wrap they can still get their business name out there pretty effectively with a simple car magnet.”

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