News : Green Tips come from AutoBeGreen

Jan 23, 2013

From The Portsmouth Herald

This week's Green Tips come from AutoBeGreen, a family-owned business based in Exeter specializing in green car care and maintenance products and services.

1. Switch to environmentally friendly motor oils. New "green" motor oils are not only biodegradable and non-toxic, they are API Certified and outperform most standard brands. Whether you change your own oil or have it done, this is by far one of the easiest green switches you can make for your vehicle. Manufactured by Green Earth Technologies (in biodegradable bottles, no less), the oil is much greener than just about any other on the market, with sustainability being part of the calculus from cradle to grave.

2. Replace your spent wipers with Tripledge® Green Wiper Blades, the world’s first fully recyclable blades. Not only are these blades made of non-petroleum based materials and easy to recycle, they also come in eco-friendly packaging!

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