News : Green Alliance Builds Bridge To Art Community Through Artist In Residence Program

Jan 3, 2013

Published in Portsmouth Patch.

By Becky Holt

The Green Alliance Artist in Residence Program is hosting its 3rd artist, Lynn Szymanski, at The Green Alliance Gallery. Szymanski was trained as a fine furniture maker and this craftsmanship is clearly displayed in her beautiful wall pieces whose themes touch on the intricacies of our inner world, the subtleties of relationships, and the weeded stories of life histories. Szymanski’s work has always been more poetic than practical, finding beauty in imperfection and comfort in the detritus of the past. She is inspired by the Modernist language of simplicity that focuses on clean defined elements, fused ambiguity, and nuance. Organic lines, slumping shapes and not-quite symmetrical forms are all part of this vocabulary. Taking cues from formal, sculptural, and architectural space, has also led her to an exploration of personal space and the way objects can be receptacles for ideas.

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