News : Electrolyzed Water Revolutionizes Housekeeping and Food Service

Jan 28, 2013

From The Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

LYNNFIELD, Mass. — A former journalist and a former computer security executive turned entrepreneurs have transformed an interest in science and the environment into selling cutting-edge cleaning and sanitizing products that work better, cost less and are safer than their chemical counterparts, helping Mother Earth in the bargain.

Patrick Lucci and Gerard Kiley are the managing partners of Massachusetts-based Lynnfield Green Technologies, which sells the Toucan - ECO, an “electrolyzer” that produces a harmless yet effective cleaning and sanitizing solution created from table salt, tap water and a small charge of electricity. The tabletop device takes four minutes to activate 1.5 liters of a cleaning and sanitizing solution which is electrolyzed water. Lynnfield also sells the Toucan Mini, which does the same thing in the same way as the Toucan - ECO, only it makes a smaller quantity of electrolyzed water, and it sells industrial-size sanitizers to hotels, restaurants and large institutions.

The electrolyzers are producing great results: a large one has been installed in a Minnesota prison where not one case of the flu has occurred all season — a remarkable situation considering the close living quarters — and the prison is attributing the lack of illness to using the electrolyzer for hand sanitizer. Previously, the prison could not consistently employ typical sanitizers because of inherent problems with their composition. Chemical-based sanitizers are potential health hazards while alcohol-based sanitizers pose another problem: Prisoners figured out how to separate out the alcohol from alcohol-based sanitizers and drank it.

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