News : For the Dogs: Mary's Dogs makes sure every dog has its day

Jan 23, 2013

From Coastal Home Magazine

By Jim Cavan

Mary Doane likes to say that every dog she takes into her recue program has its own story -- harrowing, often frightening, but almost always destined for a happy ending.

Since launching Mary's Dogs in early 2011, Doane has helped place hundreds of wayward pups into foster families throughout New England.  Her business's website, chock full of photo-adorned bios and sweet success stories, combined with her daily updated Facebook page -- it already boasts over 1,800 "likes" -- are testaments to the capacity of Internet engagement.  Meanwhile, regular mobile adoption pickups, set up at accessible locations with adjacent grass or wooded areas, offer adopters a chance to get to know their new pooch in a manner far more intimate than what is usually offered by a typical mall pet store.

Thus far, Doane has more than managed to "do well by doing good," while helping raise local awareness of the challenges posed by overbreeding.  But while saving lives and bolstering families remain indispensible pillars of Doane's business philosophy, she has also begun to tout another, somewhat more unlikely mantra: the sustainability of dog adoption.  It is a focus that has for over a decade guided the gregarious Doane through myriad ventures.

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