News : Small Biz Rules for HR

Dec 6, 2012

From  Business NH Magazine

By Mirjam IJtma

A few years ago I became involved with a small, owner-operated construction company that was building our dream home. One day when i was visiting the construction site, Ridgeview Construction Owner Shane Carter invited me to join him for lunch and we started to talk. He mentioned that he would love to learn how to create an engaged, high-performing workforce. Excited to help, I jumped at the chanceto help him with HR issues, but I honestly didn't know what to expect. Would techniques I used for development, human resources and consulting at much larger firms (multi-nationals) work on this scale? The answer is yes - a small company with a limited budget and without a team of in-house HR professionals can establish robust HR practices that hel to move the company forward.

The approach we developed for Ridgeview enabled them to grow at a time that most construction companiesdid jusst hte opposite. the following six-step model is what we worked from to improve employee engagement, decrease turnover and facilitate growth at Ridgeview.

1. Identify Where You Want to Go

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