News : Healing Hands Holiday Health Tips

Dec 4, 2012

From Exeter Patch

By Dr. Jessica Caruso

Throughout my years in the healthcare field, there is one problem that I continue to see year after year. Every year, in the midst of all the holiday cheer, I hear coughs, sneezes, and groans amongst my fellow community members. Between the cold weather and holiday stress, it is no wonder that the wintertime brings about sicknesses, aches, and ailments of all kinds. This year I’d like to offer some preventative tips that can help folks more effectively avoid the holiday health blues.

1. Get Adjusted
Chiropractic adjustments release stress from your body and improve your nervous system by regulating the “Fight or Flight” response, improving your sleep and boosting your immune system 200%.

2. Use a Neti Pot
Neti pots help clean out your sinuses and keep your breathing pathways clear and fresh by removing dirt, pollen, excess mucous and other irritants. Pick one up at the local health food store.

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