News : B&C Floor Store a totem to local, family ownership

Dec 11, 2012

From Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

When one door closes, another opens.

If certain adages flirt with being cliché, it’s probably because they’re so often true. It certainly was for Carol Burgard when, in 2003, she was laid off from her job in the electronics sector.

Around the same time, Messina’s Flooring – located in Portsmouth – was looking to sell their three-year-old business to Burgard’s husband, Brett, himself a 20-year veteran of the trade.

In what was a literal marriage of convenience, the Burgards decided to go into business together, re-opening the shop under the B&C Floor Store moniker shortly thereafter.

Today the Burgards continue to preside – just the two of them, proudly, and with no looking back – over a business nearly a decade strong. Located in Portsmouth, B&C specializes in both residential and light commercial flooring sales and installation, and touts products ranging from hardwood to tile, carpets, area rugs, as well as laminate and vinyl.

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