News : SECUSOL Caught the Island Fever: Solar Hot Water by Wagner Solar on Star Island

Nov 7, 2012

From Alterenergy Magazine

New England is famous for the Indian summer, renowned universities such as Harvard and MIT and stylish quiet little towns with a more leisurely lifestyle. Generally this rather cool corner of North America does not convey images of solar energy supply. However, thanks to the latest solar technology from Wagner Solar Inc. this is about to change. Through the tireless efforts of managing director Joerg Gaebler and his team of the German solar pioneer’s Boston based subsidiary, the advantages of solar energy are gradually taking a foothold even here, in the northeastern United States.

Since 1915, the non-profit corporation Star Island operates a family retreat and conference center with a spiritual, artistic and socio-ecological orientation, stressing the harmony between man and nature. Sustainable water and energy are important aspects of the green initiatives spearheaded by this award-winning retreat off the coast of Rye, New Hampshire. Electricity is generated on site, and the required fresh water comes from a rainwater cistern and a sophisticated reverse osmosis plant for seawater desalination.

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