News : Ridgeview Construction out to show net-zero more than zero-sum game

Nov 28, 2012

From Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

While we’re still waiting on the age of flying cars and robot maids, the future of home building is coming into sharper and sharper focus.

Though many might feel the “net-zero” or hyper-efficient home option is still years away, manufacturers are quickly making these technology more readily available, proving that such a high standard of housing stock need not necessitate breaking the bank.

Owing to a unique melding of professional knowledge and innovation, one of the state’s greenest building companies is poised to prove that net-zero is hardly a zero-sum game.

It began with a chance meeting at the Manchester Home Show last March, where the Deerfield’s Ridgeview Construction had staked out a weekend table. It was here that Peter and Pauline Schulter – eager to learn more about green building – approached Ridgeview’s Director of Marketing, Matt Silva.

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