News : Environment Plays Huge Role in Health

Nov 6, 2012

From Seacoast Online and Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

A National Public Radio story indicates that people respond more favorably to issues framed in a health context rather than an environmental one, connecting our health to the environment. And there is much to be concerned about, according to three local experts.

The fall NPR story, titled “When Heat Kills: Global Warming As Public Health Threat,” cites emerging science that ”shows that people respond more favorably to warnings about climate change when it’s portrayed as a health issue rather than as an environmental problem.” Health officials carry special credibility, the story says, “far more so than politicians, journalists, environmental activists and other widely heard voices on this topic.”

What do two local health-care providers, and a small-business owner whose company helps protect the environment, say about how local environments affect Seacoast residents’ health?

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