News : Client “Manifesto” Becomes Bellwether for Riverworks Printing

Nov 8, 2012

From Portsmouth Patch

By Jim Cavan

In their three-plus years of producing eco-friendly products for clients throughout the Seacoast, the team Riverworks Printing has fancied itself fortunate to work with companies as committed as they are to minimizing their environmental footprint.

But nothing could have prepared Founder Jeff Cutter and Print Manager Danis Chamberlin for the call they received August 14th, the day one of the country’s fastest growing green companies called on Riverworks to help bolster their touchstone calling card.

Truth told, Holstee, which specializes in uncannily sustainable products (tee shirts to greetings cards, accessories, and the like), had been on Chamberlin’s radar screen for months, a blip she’d long felt could be the ideal partner for the growing business.

“I found them on Facebook through a friend, and I remember being impressed with how well Holstee aligned with my own personal beliefs,” recalls Chamberlin. “They just seemed really ahead of the curve in terms of not only the products they sold, but also the mission they believed in.”

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