News : Tree damage 'minimal'

Oct 31, 2012

From Portsmouth Herald

By Heikki Perry

Seacoast landscaping companies were out in force Tuesday following Hurricane Sandy, and several indicated the damage was relatively minor.

“The damage that I’m seeing is minimal,” said Micum Davis of Portsmouth-based Cornerstone Tree Care. “The trees that were damaged had structural flaws or were trees that had been neglected. Compared to the storm that we had last Halloween, and the storm in February 2010, at least on the seacoast, this was less damaging.”

The call volume from businesses and homeowners had not been significant- about a half dozen, Davis said.

“I don’t know what’s going on inland, so I can’t speak to that,” he said.

Ash trees suffering from a leaf blight the last couple of years received the most damage, Davis said. “They’ve really been stressed,” he said, “and the other trees that still had their leaves on, like Bradford pear trees, and evergreens like pine and spruce, have sustained the most damage.”

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