News : RAM pushes ‘green’ envelope

Oct 11, 2012

From Salem Patch

By Heikki Perry

EAST HAMPSTEAD — Never resting on its laurels, a cutting-edge New Hampshire printing company continues to push the sustainability bubble while also partnering with other companies to help them do so, too.

RAM Printing, an environmentally conscious company out of East Hampstead, N.H., has been following sustainable printing practices since 1989, well ahead of the curve. As “early adopters,” RAM set the standard in New England and nationally for the greening of the print industry. Before sustainable business practices were mainstream, RAM was on the cutting edge of creating a product and service that was different than anything else on the market. It felt it was important to raise the company standard and has been doing so ever since to provide the consumer
with a better product, while minimizing its footprint and succeeding financially.

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