News : Green Stride Half Marathon Takes Full Advantage of Autumn in Newburyport, MA

Oct 23, 2012

From Exeter Patch

By Austin Sorette

If you're in Newburyport, MA on October 21, you'll be able to catch the roaring sound of thousands of footsteps coasting along the Merrimack River on a beautiful autumn afternoon. Those footsteps belong to the runners of the Green Stride Newburyport half-marathon, an event setting eco-friendly standards and promoting a healthy and green lifestyle.

Newburyport has always been considered a “green city”, a label that the locals certainly take pride in. The Newburyport Half Marathon, created by race director and local runner Eli Bailin, has generated a lot of hype from the New England community about having one of the most scenic race trails in New England. And with the race reaching fourteen-hundred runners in it's first year alone, and an estimated registration of between two-thousand and twenty-three hundred people this year, this race certainly lives up to it's expectations.

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