News : Conservation Law Foundation Joins Green Alliance

Oct 9, 2012

From The Granite State Sentinel

By Tricia Dinkel

PORTSMOUTH- Whether the snow-capped White Mountains, the fiery glow of autumn foliage or the distinct rocky shores along the coast, New Hampshire’s environment has long been an attraction for tourists and a source of pride for residents. With so much natural beauty to admire, protecting the quality and the integrity of the state’s environment is no small feat. For Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), the challenge is well worth it.

Founded in 1966, CLF has long been a defender of New England’s environmental heritage, helping shape the decisions that lead to a higher quality of life and future for our region. Through its extensive work in law, policy, science, and outreach, CLF has for decades contributed to a healthy, clean future for New England and New Hampshire. A leader in environmental initiatives and advocacy, CLF is a non-profit organization committed to advancing solutions that address the challenges of climate change, cleaning up our air and water, protecting the ocean, promoting sustainable agriculture, and wisely managing our natural resources by working with businesses, organizations, and policy-makers to achieve its goal of a thriving New England. CLF established a New Hampshire office in 1997.

The organization’s recent decision to join Green Alliance – a Portsmouth-based “green business union”- reflects CLF’s intention to collaborate with the environmentally- conscientious members and businesses within the Green Alliance community.

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