News : Newmarket Dental Leads the Way for Other Green Dentists

Sep 25, 2012

From Business NH Magazine

It was about a year ago when Nate Swanson, a dentist at Newmarket Dental, first began exploring the world of green dentistry. At about the same time, Swanson joined the Green Alliance, a Seacoast-based green business union and discount co-op, in an effort to promote and bolster his sustainability efforts. Then this past January, Swanson attended an annual conference in Boston for the Eco Dental Association, EDA, which focused on green dental trends.

"It's great to discover there are other people working on the issue who can guide and encourage me on the journey," he says.

At the conference, Swanson learned that a group of California dentists had created a guide for making offices consistent with the most recent standards for environmentally sustainable practices. For example, an Oregon dentist built his LEED-certified office completely out of recycled, reclaimed, or repurposed materials.

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