News : Jewett Farms partners with Ohio firm to supply reclaimed wood flooring

Sep 17, 2012

From Foster’s Daily Democrat.

By Jim Cavan

DOVER — It's been two years since Jewett Farms & Co. — a Dover-based company renowned for their commitment to sustainable woodworking practices — decided to expand its operations to include a reclaimed flooring operation.

Last month, Jewett Farms announced a new partnership with Olde Wood Ltd of Malvern, Ohio. Founded by Tommy and Mandy Sancic in 1997, Olde Wood has since grown to become one of the largest reclaimed wood operations anywhere in the country.

With a commitment to using 100 percent virgin wood, Olde Wood creates hardwood flooring that embodies a sense of history and individuality, with the planks and beams — many of which are over a century old — being sourced from all kinds of unique environments.

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