News : Green Alliance Turns 100

Sep 27, 2012

From Business NH Magazine

By Jim Cavan

It might be another 96 years before the Green Alliance officially turns 100, but that’s not stopping them from celebrating another kind of century mark.

Last week, the Portsmouth-based self-proclaimed green business union welcomed aboard Home Town Technology Consultants (HTTC), the 1/100th business partner in four years to take the green plunge.

Launched in 2008 by environmental activist and journalist Sarah Brown, the Green Alliance (GA) kept its initial goals simple: Connect green-minded consumers with local businesses committed to rendering their products, services, and operations more sustainable and through public relations, brand building and story-telling to help grow those same green businesses.

At the time, the GA’s two cornerstone businesses, Simply Green Biofuels and Purely Organic Lawn Care, seemed to have little in common. But what the two shared would serve as the inspirational template for a movement that is helping change the face of Seacoast commerce.

“What the three of us quickly realized was that, even if they touted two totally different products and targeted different customer bases, the commonality of your business’s green focus meant the two could effectively cross promote,” says Brown of those first days. “Once we realized that, it became obvious that getting as many green businesses as possible would result in more customers for everyone involved.”

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