News : Green Alliance Joins Forces with Northeast Organic Farmers Association

Sep 25, 2012

From Business NH Magazine

In an effort to support local agriculture, maximize environmental protection, and promote human health and wellness, the Green Alliance is partnering with the Northeast Organic Farmers Association’s New Hampshire chapter (NOFA-NH). The Alliance is agreen business union that links sustainable businesses with eco-conscious communities in New England. NOFA-NH advocates for organic and sustainable agriculture, family-scale farming and homesteading both rural and urban, agricultural justice, and related issues in NH. The partnership consists of, discounted services for each membership base, co-membership deals for the public, and co-promotion of the two organizations’ services

“By increasing awareness about NOFA-NH to the Green Alliance’s commercial and citizen communities, we can increase demand for local, organic food, and create additional jobs in New Hampshire’s agricultural industry,” said Sarah Brown, executive director of the Green Alliance. “At a time when far too much of our food is trucked in from thousands of miles away, we want to highlight the enormous benefits of buying from local, organic farmers who produce top notch produce and meats while protecting our natural resources.”

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