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Children's Museum of New Hampshire Celebrates Twenty-Nine Years In A Big Way

Sep 27, 2012

From the Exeter Patch

By Austin Sorette

Even at twenty-nine years old, the Children's Museum of New Hampshire in Dover is still acting young. But the celebration that's taking place at the Museum on September 23rd will be attracting all kinds of people, old and young. It's their annual birthday-bash.

The Children's Museum throws an event every year to commemorate their birthday. The parties have always been open to the public, and the Museum warmly extends their invitations out to any family that wants to come and celebrate with them.

“Even though it's our birthday, we want the kids to feel like it's their party,” says Heidi Duncanson, the Director of Marketing at the Children's Museum, “We enjoy throwing fun parties for our whole community.”

The way that the Museum sets up their parties is not unlike a birthday party that a parent would throw for their child. Every year, local neighbors donate cake and ice cream to the event for all those in attendance to enjoy. This year, local Dover businesses like Riverbend Pizza and Subs, and Duston's Bakery are just a couple of the suppliers of birthday treats.

In addition to the great food, the Museum is offering a variety of entertainment, staying true to the larger-than-life standards of a birthday-bash. Party games will be stationed around the Museum, and participants will have the opportunity to win prizes. The kids can also personalize their own glittering birthday crowns with stickers and other decorations.

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Portsmouth Democrats Present Green Alliance with Jim Horrigan Community Service Award

Sep 27, 2012

From Exeter Patch

Election season is upon us and the Portsmouth Democrats are bringing the community together for one of their biggest social events of the year.

At their 10th Annual Banquet on September 28th at the Portsmouth Harbor Events and Conference Center, local Democrats will have the opportunity to discuss politics with each other, to meet with many of their candidates that will be on the November 6th general election ballot, and to enjoy a delicious meal with a a cash bar that offers a variety of beer and wine, as well as a signature “Blue Hawaiian” drink (in honor of our president). Attendees will also welcome a surrogate speaker for President Obama as their Special Guest.

“This banquet serves as a fund-raiser for our local committee,” says Laurie McCray, the 1st Vice Chair of the Portsmouth Democrats, “and it also gives voters and candidates the opportunity to get together in a social setting.”

McCray adds, “The banquet is also a great opportunity to recognize and applaud the work of our community awards recipients.” The Portsmouth Democrats will present three awards this year. They are the Distinguished Democrat Award, the Chairman's Community Leadership Award, and the Jim Horrigan Community Service Award. This year the Jim Horrigan Award will be presented to the Green Alliance, a union of local sustainable businesses promoting eco-friendly business practices, and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members.

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Employees to Commemorate Special Friend Who Succumbed to Depression

Sep 27, 2012

From the Concord Patch

By Heikki Perry

Impelled by the death of a co-worker’s husband, employees at a community-minded business will walk in his honor, raising money to help cure the illness that felled him.

Eric Cross passed away on June 30, at age 37. He was the husband of Becky Cross, the operations manager at Checkmate Work Management Solutions, a Concord payroll services company that helps small- and mid-sized businesses.

With a goal of $2,500, Checkmate employees have already raised $2,082 for New Hampshire’s NAMIWalks participatory event, which takes place Sunday, Sept. 30, at the State Hospital Campus in Concord.

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Green Alliance Turns 100

Sep 27, 2012

From Business NH Magazine

By Jim Cavan

It might be another 96 years before the Green Alliance officially turns 100, but that’s not stopping them from celebrating another kind of century mark.

Last week, the Portsmouth-based self-proclaimed green business union welcomed aboard Home Town Technology Consultants (HTTC), the 1/100th business partner in four years to take the green plunge.

Launched in 2008 by environmental activist and journalist Sarah Brown, the Green Alliance (GA) kept its initial goals simple: Connect green-minded consumers with local businesses committed to rendering their products, services, and operations more sustainable and through public relations, brand building and story-telling to help grow those same green businesses.

At the time, the GA’s two cornerstone businesses, Simply Green Biofuels and Purely Organic Lawn Care, seemed to have little in common. But what the two shared would serve as the inspirational template for a movement that is helping change the face of Seacoast commerce.

“What the three of us quickly realized was that, even if they touted two totally different products and targeted different customer bases, the commonality of your business’s green focus meant the two could effectively cross promote,” says Brown of those first days. “Once we realized that, it became obvious that getting as many green businesses as possible would result in more customers for everyone involved.”

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Newmarket Dental Leads the Way for Other Green Dentists

Sep 25, 2012

From Business NH Magazine

It was about a year ago when Nate Swanson, a dentist at Newmarket Dental, first began exploring the world of green dentistry. At about the same time, Swanson joined the Green Alliance, a Seacoast-based green business union and discount co-op, in an effort to promote and bolster his sustainability efforts. Then this past January, Swanson attended an annual conference in Boston for the Eco Dental Association, EDA, which focused on green dental trends.

"It's great to discover there are other people working on the issue who can guide and encourage me on the journey," he says.

At the conference, Swanson learned that a group of California dentists had created a guide for making offices consistent with the most recent standards for environmentally sustainable practices. For example, an Oregon dentist built his LEED-certified office completely out of recycled, reclaimed, or repurposed materials.

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Green Alliance Partners With NH Coast for Clean Water

Sep 25, 2012

From Business NH Magazine

Studies have shown that local businesses tend to be more supportive of local nonprofits than big box stores and retail chains, a fact demonstrated by the growing relationship between the New Hampshire Coastal Protection Partnership (NH Coast) and the Green Alliance, based out of Portsmouth.

In 2008, a group of citizens formed NH Coast based on concerns about declining water quality levels in the Great Bay estuary. That same year, the Green Alliance was launched by local journalist Sarah Brown and business partner Andrew Kellar, then the owner and founder of Simply Green Biofuels, to promote local green businesses and foster the growth of a green economy in Southern New Hampshire and Maine.

Over the years, the two organizations have wanted to restore the clean water and thriving ecosystems that have defined quality of life here on the Seacoast for generations. Green Alliance Business Partners have donated thousands of dollars to help support NH Coast’s nonprofit mission to combine sound science with education, collaboration and advocacy to protect the natural resources of the Granite State’s coastal watershed.

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Green Alliance Joins Forces with Northeast Organic Farmers Association

Sep 25, 2012

From Business NH Magazine

In an effort to support local agriculture, maximize environmental protection, and promote human health and wellness, the Green Alliance is partnering with the Northeast Organic Farmers Association’s New Hampshire chapter (NOFA-NH). The Alliance is agreen business union that links sustainable businesses with eco-conscious communities in New England. NOFA-NH advocates for organic and sustainable agriculture, family-scale farming and homesteading both rural and urban, agricultural justice, and related issues in NH. The partnership consists of, discounted services for each membership base, co-membership deals for the public, and co-promotion of the two organizations’ services

“By increasing awareness about NOFA-NH to the Green Alliance’s commercial and citizen communities, we can increase demand for local, organic food, and create additional jobs in New Hampshire’s agricultural industry,” said Sarah Brown, executive director of the Green Alliance. “At a time when far too much of our food is trucked in from thousands of miles away, we want to highlight the enormous benefits of buying from local, organic farmers who produce top notch produce and meats while protecting our natural resources.”

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Green Alliance Hits 100!

Sep 25, 2012

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

PORTSMOUTH — It might be another 96 years before the Green Alliance officially turns 100, but that's not stopping them from celebrating another kind of century mark. Last week, the Portsmouth-based "green business union" officially welcomed aboard Home Town Technology Consultants (HTTC), making them the 100th "Business partner" in four years to take the green plunge.

An impressive feat, to be sure -- one made all the more admirable by the economic circumstances surrounding the company since the very beginning. Launched in 2008 by environmental activist and journalist Sarah Brown, the GA's initial aims were simple: To connect green-minded consumers with local businesses committed to rendering their products, services, and operations more sustainable and through public relations, brand building and story-telling to help grow those same green businesses.

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Green Tips from Minute Men Painters

Sep 25, 2012

From The Portsmouth Herald

This week's Green Tips come from Sean Sturk and Minute Men Painters.

1. Use all the paint, even if you have to add an extra coat. The extra coat will provide walls with more protection. Keep in mind that a typical gallon can cover about 300 to 400 square feet.

2. Use quality water-based acrylic-latex paints. Because they contain low levels of solvents, these paints are environmentally friendly.

3. When doing a small project or touch-ups, purchase used paint. Stores like Habitat for Humanity ReStore will sell them for a fraction of the cost of new paint. Unused paint will last forever, so you know you won't be sacrificing quality.

4. Look into low- or no-VOC paints. Volatile organic compounds can be harmful to both your health and the environment. No- and low-VOC options are improving all the time, and can help make your home greener and healthier for everyone.

5. Make sure you're using the right kind of paint. Whether you're painting a bathroom, living-room wall, or exterior siding, there's a paint for the job — and a green option, at that. Using the right paint will ensure more durability, meaning you'll be spending less money down the road.

Myers Named COO at Favorite Foods

Sep 19, 2012

from The Portsmouth Herald.

SOMERSWORTH — Favorite Foods Inc., New Hampshire's only independently owned broadline food service distributor, has named Dave Myers as chief operating officer effective immediately.

Myers has been an employee of Favorite Foods for nearly 10 years, previously serving as vice president of purchasing.

"I have a tremendous amount of passion and energy for this new appointment and for Favorite Foods, as well as for our several hundred loyal customers. I look forward to taking an already great company to new heights, and to be in a better position to ensure the success of our customer base, the finest independently owned restaurants in New England," Myers said.

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New Hub Provides Chemistry New Companies Need to Grow

Sep 18, 2012

From the Portsmouth, NH Patch

By Heikki Perry

Besides offering affordable workspace and shared administrative and technological services and resources to start-up companies, a nonprofit “innovation hub” in Manchester has connected with, and now houses, a cutting-edge human resources company also dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed.

On Aug. 1, Cultural Chemistry, a unique service that mimics a traditional human resources department but offers its services at a fraction of the typical cost, moved into ABI Innovation Hub, a non-profit organization and business location that aims to attract, mentor and foster the growth and success of technology start-ups and innovative green companies. The ABI Innovation Hub is located at 33 South Commercial Street, Manchester, the recently renovated former mill yard area that is now a vibrant business community.

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Green energy company conduit to EPA program that saves electricity customers money

Sep 18, 2012

From the Portsmouth, NH Patch

By Heikki Perry

Somewhat lost in the shuffle of businesses and governments trying to reduce energy costs, a government-initiated program that allows electricity customers to buy renewable energy and save money is gaining traction locally with the help of a company dedicated to green power.

The Green Power Partnership, a free, voluntary program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, assists organizations in procuring electricity generated from renewable resources and promoting their green power leadership. Through the purchase of Green-E certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), customers can purchase 100 percent renewable energy. Glacial Energy has helped many customers participate in this program by purchasing and retiring RECs on the customer behalf through its Glacial Green Product offering.

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Green Tips: Isles of Shoals Steamship Company

Sep 17, 2012

From The Portsmouth Herald

This week’s Green Tips come from the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company.

1. Never throw trash overboard. Though fairly obvious, refraining from ocean littering not only benefits people and animals by reducing unhealthful contaminants in the air, water and food supply, it also promotes tourism and green recreational activities like swimming.

2. Sun and especially wind are often abundantly available in a marine setting. Consider installing a wind generator or solar lights on your vessel.

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Portsmouth Indoor Pool Leak Fix could save $30K annually

Sep 17, 2012

From The Portsmouth Herald.

By Jim Cavan

PORTSMOUTH — The bathing-suited masses still came to swim their laps. On frigid winter mornings, high school practices remained the norm. To any outside observer, the Portsmouth Indoor Pool & Aquatic Fitness Center would have appeared to be running smoothly.

Beneath the surface, however, the four-decades-old building hid flaws that, if left untreated, risked turning ruinous.

In early 2010, the city, motivated primarily by concerns over cost, proposed the pool be closed for good, prompting a group of concerned citizens to establish the Save the Portsmouth Indoor Pool. After 18 months of joint work sessions with the city, SIPP tasked itself with securing enough money to help bring the pool back from the brink.

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Jewett Farms partners with Ohio firm to supply reclaimed wood flooring

Sep 17, 2012

From Foster’s Daily Democrat.

By Jim Cavan

DOVER — It's been two years since Jewett Farms & Co. — a Dover-based company renowned for their commitment to sustainable woodworking practices — decided to expand its operations to include a reclaimed flooring operation.

Last month, Jewett Farms announced a new partnership with Olde Wood Ltd of Malvern, Ohio. Founded by Tommy and Mandy Sancic in 1997, Olde Wood has since grown to become one of the largest reclaimed wood operations anywhere in the country.

With a commitment to using 100 percent virgin wood, Olde Wood creates hardwood flooring that embodies a sense of history and individuality, with the planks and beams — many of which are over a century old — being sourced from all kinds of unique environments.

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New Chiropractic Office Offers Sliding-Scale Fees

Sep 14, 2012

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Suzanne Laurent

PORTSMOUTH — Imagine being able to pop into your chiropractor's office during your lunch hour, have a quick adjustment, and pay what you can afford.

That is possible at Healing Hands Community Chiropractic, which opened Sept. 5 at 40 Pleasant St., providing services on a sliding-scale fee system with no income verification.

"We want people to be able to afford chiropractic care for the whole family," said Jessica Caruso, who owns Healing Hands with her husband and practice manager, Brian Caruso.

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Green Tips: Ethan Korpi and Peter Robie of Eco Sound Builders

Sep 14, 2012

From The Portsmouth Herald

This week's Green Tips come from Ethan Korpi and Peter Robie of Eco Sound Builders of Portsmouth.

1. When designing a new home or renovating an existing one, try to be conscious of the overall size and look for unique ways to use space efficiently. This will help decrease your overall square footage and ultimately help reduce your heating and cooling loads throughout the year.

2. When renovating your home, think about what you can do to preserve its best features. This will ultimately reflect on the bottom line and is always a great way to retain a connection to your home's unique history.

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Green Tips: Revolution Energy

Sep 10, 2012

 From The Portsmouth Herald


This week's Green Tips come from the team at Revolution Energy, a Portsmouth firm offering innovative financing solutions for large-scale solar energy projects. The company recently helped fellow Green Alliance business Favorite Foods install the state's largest roof-mounted solar array. For more info on Revolution Energy, go to

1. Eat local: At Rev-En, we utilize the variety of restaurants in Portsmouth that are independently owned, supporting the concept of "locavesting."

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Green Families Club video

Sep 5, 2012

Market Squared film team, Jason Walls and William Hurd, attended The Green Families Club Event in July. These guys cover all things Portsmouth! Check out their incredible video! 

Green Alliance's new app brings businesses, consumers closer

Sep 4, 2012

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

The past few years have seen an explosion in the use of smartphones, as more Americans find their handheld wonders to be a digital Swiss Army knife of interconnectivity.

Whether getting directions to a favorite restaurant, shopping for a last-minute gift in an unfamiliar town, or looking to find the nicest hotel, smartphone apps can provide information on just about anything, while lending an entirely new meaning to the word "convenience."

As an organization representing more than 100 local businesses, the Green Alliance had long sought to develop an app that would bring all of its clients under one handheld umbrella. Such came true last month when Snappii — a GA member company specializing in smartphone app development for small businesses — announced the rollout of a comprehensive, multi-feature GA app.

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