News : Riverworks Restaurant harkens to past and future alike

Aug 27, 2012

From Granite State Sentinel

By Jim Cavan

Back in 1840, around the time the brick and mortar building now housing The Riverworks Restaurant and Tavern was originally built, “local” wasn’t simply the best thing; it was – quite literally – the only thing. It was a simpler time, to be sure; an epoch many decades removed from things like “globalization, “outsourcing,” “environmentalism,” and myriad other buzzwords that have come to define much of our 21st century angst.

To say many things have changed since those halcyon days would be to flirt with cliché; the paths that connected the communities of Seacoast New Hampshire still remain – albeit in blacktop – but the connections, particularly with respect to commerce, seem perpetually dimming.

Not in this two-story icon, however....

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