News : August 2012

Revolution Energy installs 572-panel solar PV system on Favorite Foods distribution facility

Aug 29, 2012

From New England Real Estate Journal

By Jim Cavan

Imagine being able to power your most oft-running appliance - the refrigerator, in the case of many a household - on nothing but energy from the sun, harvested with a panel or two.

Not too shabby, right?

Now imagine using solar energy to run an industrial cooler and freezer which combined take up nearly seven Olympic sized swimming pools of space.

That's precisely what Favorite Foods intends to do when the Somersworth commercial food distributor puts online a 140-kilowatt, 572-panel roof-mounted solar PV system next month....

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Progressive Asset Management likes its new digs in Newmarket Mills

Aug 27, 2012

From Exeter Patch

By Herb Perry

Recognizing a similar “green” approach to sustainability, Progressive Asset Management Group — a leader in socially responsible investing — has moved to Newmarket Mills, a former mill that developer Eric Chinburg is recycling into 50,000 square feet of commercial space and 112 apartments.

Business partners Michael Smith and Hunter Brownlie have operated Progressive Asset Management Group — or PAM Group — in Newmarket Mills since March 1st of this year. They previously worked out of an old farmhouse that had been converted into office space where they conducted several sustainability practices, before Brownlie, a Newmarket resident, had heard that a crumbling local mill was being renovated...

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Businesses That Increase Eco-Cred Will See Green

Aug 27, 2012

From Granite State Sentinel

By Herb Perry

Several studies confirm what many business owners already know: A large majority of consumers prefer to patronize companies with sustainable products and practices. But what does that mean for businesses that don’t necessarily consider themselves green? It means they can be green, too, and Green Alliance can help.

About 68 percent of consumers can be classified as “light greens,” those who show preference toward environmental, ethical products and services, according to the market research firm Mintel. What’s more, according to a 2012 Cohn & Wolfe study, one in five consumers will even spend a 10 percent premium on a green product....

....Coughlin, Rainboth, Murphy & Lown, a Portsmouth law firm engaged in all manner of civil litigation, is the first and only law firm to become a business partner of Green Alliance, a local green business union that certifies its member businesses green and advocates greener choices to the public. The law firm conducts many sustainable practices....

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Riverworks Restaurant harkens to past and future alike

Aug 27, 2012

From Granite State Sentinel

By Jim Cavan

Back in 1840, around the time the brick and mortar building now housing The Riverworks Restaurant and Tavern was originally built, “local” wasn’t simply the best thing; it was – quite literally – the only thing. It was a simpler time, to be sure; an epoch many decades removed from things like “globalization, “outsourcing,” “environmentalism,” and myriad other buzzwords that have come to define much of our 21st century angst.

To say many things have changed since those halcyon days would be to flirt with cliché; the paths that connected the communities of Seacoast New Hampshire still remain – albeit in blacktop – but the connections, particularly with respect to commerce, seem perpetually dimming.

Not in this two-story icon, however....

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5 Green Tips from adaptDESIGN

Aug 27, 2012

From the Portsmouth Herald

This week’s Green Tips come from Robert Cook and Paul Fowler of adaptDESIGN, a green-focused Portsmouth architecture and design firm! Enjoy, and be sure to share with others on Facebook and Twitter! Learn more about adaptDESIGN at

1. Tighten that envelope! Stop unwanted air from leaking into and out of your home by sealing gaps and holes around all penetrations in the exterior envelope of your home....

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New law levels playing field for naturopathic doctors

Aug 27, 2012

From the Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

The recent passage of New Hampshire House Bill 351, which requires all private health insurers to cover services provided by naturopathic doctors, could be a game changer for alternative medicine in the state, one that could alter attitudes toward human health and well being.

The state Senate narrowly approved HB 351 in a 13-11 vote in early May and Gov. John Lynch signed it into law on June 20.

For Dr. Robyn Conte, ND, director of Starry Brook Natural Medicine in Exeter, such providers face their fair share of challenges and misconceptions, despite being subject to much of the same training and academic rigor as traditional doctors.

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For Starry Brook, health care more than the sum of its words

Aug 23, 2012

By Jim Cavan
From Seacoast Online Blogs

With the recent passage of HB 351, a bill requiring that all private health insurers cover services provided by naturopathic doctors (NDs), alternative medicine in New Hampshire was dealt a game-changing hand – one that could forestall changing Granite State attitudes towards human health and well being.

Still, for Dr. Robyn Conte, ND, Director of Starry Brook Natural Medicine in Exeter, providers like hers still face their fair share of challenges and misconceptions, this despite being subject to much of the same training and academic rigor as traditional doctors.... Read the full story in the regularly-updated GA Seacoast Online blog by clicking here!

Eco-Conscious Business Partners Waste Not, Want Not

Aug 22, 2012

 Published in Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

A collaboration between two companies, each with a stalwart ecological conscience, has drastically reduced the amount of trash one produces and changed the way people think.

EcoMovement Consulting & Hauling, of Dover, has partnered with Redhook Brewing on a top-to-bottom composting program, which involves picking up Redhook’s food scraps once or twice a week and taking it — along with similar refuse from more than a dozen other Seacoast eateries — to compost farms in Freemont and Farmington, where the refuse is mixed with carbon sources and made into nutrient rich soil.

EcoMovement plans to have its own composting sites in the future, says founder Rian Bedard, noting that EcoMovement works with close to 70 businesses, schools, and other institutions in the Seacoast.

EcoMovement provides tutorials to Redhook staff members that involve teaching them how to separate real waste from items that can actually function as compost or be recycled. Workers then set up toters which, when filled, are picked up and hauled off to the farms. The two companies have been working together for a couple of years and now divert 400 to 600 pounds of refuse per week from landfills to the compost farms.

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Children's Museum Green Mixer Will Celebrate Sustainability

Aug 22, 2012

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat

By Heikki Perry 

DOVER — As if free beer, food, ice cream, and music were not enticement enough, an August event to be held in Dover will also offer sustainability professionals a business networking opportunity in one of New Hampshire's important LEED certified buildings.

Building Green: Summer Mixer will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 22, at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire, 6 Washington St., Dover.

Green Alliance is partnering for the event with The Children's Museum of New Hampshire; and Hillary Gaynor Realtor EcoBroker, LEED AP, an agent with the Bean Group; and the U.S. Green Building Council New Hampshire (Gaynor is the Chair of USGBC NH).

The Green Alliance is a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices and is a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members.

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New Law Aids Oyster Farming in Great Bay

Aug 22, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Aaron Sanborn

CONCORD -- The first piece of legislation aimed at improving the Great Bay estuary was signed into law last week.

The new law allows N.H. Fish and Game to grant five-year licenses for oyster aquaculture operations in the Great Bay estuary, instead of the one year licenses that were part of the previous law.

The law’s sponser, Rep. Adam Schroadter, R-Newmarket, is hoping the law will help revive the oyster population in the estuary by providing an incentive for oyster farmers. He said the one-year license made it hard for start-up operations to get going.

While many believe Schroadter’s law is a step in the right direction, it’s hard to say what its ultimate impact on the estuary will be. Will Carey, who runs the Little Bay Oyster Company, said the one-year licenses didn’t stop him from getting into business but said the new law can’t hurt.

“Five years to have a permit is better than a single-year permit,” he said. “It’s tough to have a single-year permit for something (oyster farms) that takes three years to grow.”

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Green Tips: Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance

Aug 22, 2012

This week's Green Tips come from Jon Merwin of Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance.

1. Use soy-based inks instead of petroleum inks. They cost about the same — if not less — and are much better for the environment. For example, we buy from www.environmentfirstprint

2. Switch over to electronic fax. Standard fax machines are a waste of paper and time. With eFax, the monthly cost to fax is not far off from standard faxing. Faxes are delivered in portable document format (.pdf) via e-mail. Check out

3. Look into bamboo office furniture. Not only is bamboo incredibly renewable, but it looks great as well. Best of all, bamboo is light. We'll never have to hire a moving company to help with an office move again! Check out

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Sometimes a woman can ‘have it all’

Aug 14, 2012

Published in the Exeter Patch

By Heikki Perry

EXETER — In an article titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” in The Atlantic, author Anne-Marie Slaughter, a Princeton academic, writes that she left a high-ranking State Department job to rejoin her family after concluding that “juggling high-level government work with the needs of two teenage boys was not possible.” And the article’s subtitle does not mince words: “It’s time to stop fooling ourselves … the women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are superhuman, rich, or self-employed.”

That’s what Exeter resident Lynne Ganley, a former teacher with a master’s degree in education, discovered for herself — that while she wasn’t superhuman or rich, she was able to start a self-employed career that allows her to also be at home with her kids and still make money. And her message to other women is that they can do so, too.

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Green Tips: Poco's Bow Street Cantina

Aug 14, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

This week's Green Tips come from Poco's Bow Street Cantina.

1. Install energy-efficient motion sensors in the most frequented parts of your home or business. Doing so is a relatively inexpensive up-front investment that can significantly cut down electricity use.

2. When running your air conditioner, reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. Doing so will help keep the cold air circulating better, helping your room cool more efficiently.

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Local Stonemason Builds Outdoor Fireplaces with Sustainable and Rustic Elegance

Aug 7, 2012

Published in The Granite State Sentinel

By Jim Cavan

NORTH HAMPTON- Few relics of summer are more beloved or imbued with nostalgia than an evening around an outdoor fire, with the stories, songs, and S’mores infusing the crisp evening air as bountifully as embers.

Typically, the centerpiece of this seasonal rite is no more complex than a hand-dug hole or shallow metal bowl – a rustic venue for a rustic ritual.

But what if you’re looking for a bit of a luxury to help temper the always- fickle New England elements? The Donahues found themselves in just this position when, in the summer of 2011, the first looked into adding an outdoor fireplace to their newly renovated stone patio.

“We love our property, and we love large group gatherings – that was our original motivation,” says Marilyn Donahue, recalling when she and husband Jim first considered augmenting their North Hampton property. “As much as we love first pits, there’s nothing quite like the ambiance of a fireplace.”

Enter Adam Bennett, owner of the Windham-based Colonial Stoneworks. After years working in the automotive and landscaping sectors, in 2010 Bennett launched Colonial with the aim of emphasizing “green hardscaping,” specifically the use of New England granite in everything from mailboxes to property walls to walkways and staircases.

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A Refined Table Made of Concrete and Wood

Aug 7, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

SEABROOK — Known as a design studio specializing in handcrafted eco-conscious
concrete sinks, countertops, fireplaces, and architectural elements, The
Refinery Concrete is expanding its product line to include several furniture
pieces. One piece is a side table that melds wood and concrete, combining form
with function for everyday use. And it’s a work of art.

Called the “stump table,” The Refinery’s newest furniture piece consists of a large hemlock block, squared off, and topped with a piece of 4-inch thick concrete. The concrete – a fusion of natural substances that can be formed into any shape, color, and texture – is cast, finished, and sealed by hand. Other variations of the stump tables include steel hairpin legs, a furniture element that was first made popular in the 1950s and 60s.

“The allure and beauty of this table is the connection between raw, roughly finished wood and highly refined concrete,” says Kate Simons, co-designer. The table, along with three possible variations, targets customers in local furniture boutiques. “We love that it gives customers the chance to make a quick purchase and take home the table right away rather than waiting to custom order it.”

Visions Kitchen and Blue Ocean Society team up, Honor the Ocean

Aug 6, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Patch and Exeter Patch

By Marlayne Saidnawey

Partners Nathan Johnson and Ernest Proper run Visions Kitchen and Design with a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond just the beginner green steps that many businesses may take, incorporating social responsibility and community outreach into their unique business model. Now that commitment is being extended to the regions beautiful coastline.

As proud Native Americans, they donate much of their free time to the Lakota community, basing their business motto on that very heritage.

“According to the Lakota tradition, the Earth is our mother, and we operate our business with that in mind, absolutely,” explains Nathan Johnson. “The Lakota always ask the question, ‘how are we impacting the environment seven generations ahead?’”

Read the full story in the Portsmouth Patch or Exeter Patch.

Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance Give Clients Sustainable Option

Aug 6, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

“Being able to offer friends, family and neighbors discounted insurance is a dream come true in the insurance world,” says Jon Merwin, owner of Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, a company that relies on local talent in its workplace and sustainability in ecological outlook.

Founded in 2005 by Merwin, PAI is a local independent agent serving customers in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire from its main office in Suite 201, 40 Pleasant St. (the Old Custom House building), in Portsmouth, and its satellite office in Durham. PAI offers all personal lines of insurance, including auto, home, motorcycle, renters and condo insurance, as well as commercial and business insurance. And it provides life and health insurance, and financial services.

“In essence we’re a one-stop shop for insurance and can often save people a lot of money by packaging everything together,” Merwin says.

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