News : Tod Mott: A farewell and appreciation

Jul 20, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Peter Egelston

Yes, you heard right: Tod Mott is leaving the Portsmouth Brewery. After toiling for 8½ years in our little submarine-hull sized brewery, producing a seemingly endless river of fine beers and sharing his deep passion for his craft with an eager and growing audience, he has decided to move on.

I enjoy reminding people that I hired Tod Mott at precisely the same time the Red Sox signed Curt Schilling. The Sox thus took a first step towards ending their 86-year World Series drought, and we at the Brewery embarked on a journey that has led us to become one of New England's premier beer destinations. Tod arrived shortly after the Brewery had entered its second decade in business, at a time when the craft beer industry was picking itself up and dusting itself off after the brutal shakeout of late 1990s had flushed a lot of small breweries and crappy beers out of the marketplace.

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