News : Painting with a Different Brush

Jul 17, 2012

Published in Coastal Home magazine

By Jim Cavan

For Sean Sturk, co-owner of Minute Men Painters, the decision to incorporate and emphasize low-toxin or toxic-free paints in his company’s projects was made based on simple health concerns.

“We literally were feeling the effects of these [toxic] products,” recalls Sturk, who joined the Minute Men team in 2000, two years after its initial founding. “A co-worker of mine had no sense of smell, and we know that this is a result of years of working with toxic fumes. We grew the company to take the burden off ourselves physically, to decrease the toxicity of our products, and to learn as much as we could about them.”

Since then, Sturk and co-owner Chris Tufts have not looked back, transforming their company into one with sustainability-minded methods and products that continue to earn them as many accolades as referrals.

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