News : Mary's Dogs: Sustainability through Adoption

Jul 2, 2012

From Granite State Sentinal

DEERFIELD – Every dog that comes to Mary Doane through her adoption program, Mary’s Dogs, has a unique story; Doane too, has traveled an interesting route to arrive where she is today. Her journey began with the study of Ecological Theology in seminary school at Boston University. In 2001 Doane embarked on a project that encompassed the spiritual connection between human beings and the natural world. Project Nature is the manifestation of Doane’s belief that “the creation of well being for individual creatures promotes sustainability and conservation on the whole.”

Doane’s world through Project Nature, and now Mary’s Dogs, provides education for people about the importance of kindness and humane treatment of all species. Here in the United States only one in ten dogs has a home and nearly 3.7 million dogs are euthanized in shelters annually. Through adoption the number of culled animals can be drastically reduced. Seeking out adoption over purchase from a breeder is more sustainable in a number of ways. By adopting a four- legged friend, Businesses like Doane’s can continue to grow and provide homes for deserving dogs. Taking on a pet is a big decision and by using Doane’s program the adoption serves a larger purpose– you are loving a dog that already exists instead of having a dog created. Supporting adoption sends a message that more stringent practices of breeding are necessary. Inviting a rescue dog into your family allows for more orphaned canines to be welcomed into the system and placed into loving homes...

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