News : How Pre-listing Inspection Can Help Sell a Home

Jul 30, 2012

Published in the Exeter Patch and Hampton Patch

by Jim Cavan

Even with the greatest of real estate brokers on your side, selling a home can be a tricky thing. Increasingly, many of those looking to sell are finding that a comprehensive home inspection can help lessen the stress of the selling process, and help it go more smoothly.

Traditionally, potential buyers will have a home inspection done after the initial offer is accepted. After a careful review of the inspection report, the prospective buyers will either submit a request to the homeowner to fix some or all of the problems, or ask for a price reduction and tackle the issues themselves.

Because of the many deadlines and documents that must be juggled in order to complete a home sale, the home inspections almost always entail added stress for both parties.

But according to Ed Henningsen of the Eliot-based Henningsen Inspections, such compounded worry only proves that the homeowners themselves should be looking to get a head start on the inspection process.

“For a few hundred dollars, you get a professional inspector who will evaluate the house just like any prospective buyer would’ve done,” says Henningsen, who offers energy audits and radon mitigation tests on top of his cornerstone home inspection service. “That way they can prepare themselves for potential requests from the buyer, and gives them a better idea and a head start on how best to proceed.”

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