News : Green Tips from Visions Kitchens & Design

Jul 5, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online

This week's Green Tips come from Nathan Johnson of Visions Kitchens & Design, a Hampton-based company specializing in green materials and methods. Enjoy, and be sure to share with others on Facebook and Twitter! Learn more about Visions at

1. There are many natural alternatives to chemical cleaners. For a germ-free cutting board, slice a lemon in half and dip in salt. Use the salted lemon as a scrub for your cutting board, let soak for five minutes, and then just rinse it off.

2. Aggressive composts can digest even the hardiest of organic garbage. If your backyard compost is large enough and hot enough, you may be able to add things like pet waste, paper towels, vacuum cleaner canister contents and even fatty food waste.

3. Keeping your recycle bin in a conspicuous location will help keep recyclables out of the trash. If your bin fills up fast, ask the city for a second one; they're usually happy to drop one off during the next week's collection!

4. Cloth napkins and kitchen towels are much better for your wallet and the planet. Make your own quick set by cutting old cotton material with pinking shears. You can even use bed sheets or other fabric that needs to be repurposed.

5. Some kitchen products from decades past are very toxic. Plastic storage containers, nonstick pans and coated cans have all been shown to leak petrochemicals into our food. Alternatives like canning jars are free of plastics and bisphenol A, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes for storing dry goods, leftovers and even packed lunches.

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