News : Green Tips from Sagamore Golf in North Hampton

Jul 17, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Herald

This week's Green Tips come from Sagamore Golf in North Hampton.

1. Mulch-cut your lawn. You can reduce your fertilizer use by using a mulching mower to leave clippings on your lawn for them to break down into a rich source of nitrogen. If you use a mower that bags the clippings, work them into your compost.

2. Incorporate seaweed into your lawn care routine. Recapture the eroded soil nutrients that have washed into the sea by integrating seaweed into your compost or garden. Look for organic products that have chitosan, a rich marine nutrient, or sea kelp to work into your fertilizer.

3. Aerate your grounds once a year, at least. This reduces thatch build-up while also increasing water flow to the root systems. Aeration also allows for increased nutrient absorption and longer lifespan of your turf without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.

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