News : Favorite Foods Vendor Audit Tests 'Sustainability' Values

Jul 23, 2012

Published in Foster's

By Tricia Dinkel

SOMERSWORTH — In business, the gap between what is said and what is done can vary drastically. The effort to create a wholesome, sustainable business model is important to promote but the question remains, how does a business build a model that is both conscientious and inspiring?

For Julie Cole, of Favorite Foods, the answer is not found in the business alone but in each contributing part of the business from the roots on up.

Since 1987, Favorite Foods, based in Somersworth, has provided food distribution services for independent restaurants. A family-owned and operated business themselves; Favorite Foods is committed to the support of sustainable, local food services. In 2002, Favorite Foods established the Favorite Independent Restaurant Association, a non-profit to organize and empower independently owned restaurants in New Hampshire. To ensure a complete value-laden business model, Favorite Foods has taken the initiative to evaluate each partner, vendor, and distributor by the same ethical and sustainable standards found at Favorite Foods.

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