News : Eco-artist and Activist Runs Community Supported Farm

Jul 3, 2012

Published in The Granite State Sentinel

By Emma Groves

Portsmouth—One of the hardest things about supporting a cause is practicing what you preach. Unless you’re Tim Gaudreau that is.

Beginning in 2005 with an epiphany in the beautiful smoggy mountains of Southwestern California, Gaudreau has spent his time combining his love for art with his passion for environmental issues. His 2005 project entitled “Self-Portrait, As Revealed In Trash” has since paved the way for other interactive and community oriented artwork, many of which have been installed right in Portsmouth.

The outlets for Gaudreau’s activism stretch farther than displaying it through his art, however. He’s also been involved in efforts to educate the community on art and sustainability through his involvement at schools and the community discussion board in Portsmouth.

To read the full story, pick up a copy of The Granite State Sentinel.  Although this article is not available online, you can visit their webiste here.