News : Chinburg’s Newmarket Mills Project is Building Recycling and Mini Economic Engine all in One

Jul 11, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online Green Alliance blog

By Heikki Perry

Newmarket Mills may be similar to countless other New England development projects in that it offers more than 50,000 square feet of commercial space to local businesses and will eventually feature 112 apartments. But what distinguishes this project is the greenest of green concepts —recycling old buildings; that is, the complete repurposing of a structure in a 21st century makeover.

“The vision originally comes from builder Eric Chinburg’s love of old mill buildings and that something which is beautiful, but falling apart, can be given a new life,” says Jen Chinburg, Newmarket Mills’ marketing director. “The Newmarket Mill buildings were starting to crumble and were in a state of decay. We had an opportunity to save something that’s part of the history and legacy of New Hampshire.”

Founded in 1987 by UNH graduate Eric Chinburg, Chinburg Builders has since grown to become one of the Seacoast’s most trusted and recognizable building companies in residential and commercial construction, as well as general contracting. Great Mills Management is Chinburg’s own affiliated property management company. Along the way, the company has embraced a decidedly green ethos and progressive development philosophy oriented to the region’s unique history and local heritage.

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