News : After 30 Years, Poco's Continues Growing Green

Jul 25, 2012

Published in the Exeter Patch and the Portsmouth Patch

By Jim Cavan

“I can’t tell you how different it is down here, compared to what it used to be,” exclaims John Golumb, owner of Pocos Bow Street Cantina, referring to the peerless waterfront cityscape of his Portsmouth restaurant. “With the new alleyway it’s so much more walk-able, it’s become an amazing tourist destination – people really want to come here.”

Whether you’re a life-long resident bound to the city’s unique history or a newcomer since regaled, Portsmouth has undeniably changed drastically in the last 30 years. But while the transformation of our fair Port City has can be seen on many a narrow street and building façade, few can tout the cultural clout of Pocos Bow Street Cantina, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on Monday.

Founded July 23, 1982, Pocos was originally situated at 47 Bow Street, in what is today known as Tugboat Alley. The next year, the restaurant expanded to include the bar currently owned by the Riverhouse. Like much of the Portsmouth working waterfront, the backside of Pocos wasn’t always so picturesque, and it took a while to shape the now iconic outdoor deck into the waterfront hotspot it’s since become.

Seven years later, eager for a larger space to accommodate its growing clientele, the restaurant moved stakes just a few feet up the street to 37 Bow, where the newly-renovated deck – now both open to the fresh air and safe from the elements – still marks the logical entry-point for the oft-frequented river walk.

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