News : Eco Sound builders follow in fathers' footsteps for efficiency and preservation

Jun 19, 2012

Published in the Granite State Sentinel

By Allison Dudas

Most people dream of going to work everyday to do something they love. Ethan Korpi and Peter Robie of Eco Sound live out their passion each day by helping people renovate and build homes that are beautiful, high performing and earth-friendly. Ethan Korpi began Eco Sound Builders, LLC in 2007 with his father, Roger, and Robie joined the duo in 2009. With Roger overseeing operations in the NH Lakes region, Korpi and Robie are changing the way people think about homes here on the Seacoast.

A current project in Rye embodies much of Eco Sound’s philosophy, as their task is to retrofit an old home while preserving its historic character. Walking the line between preserving the old and embracing the new is what these guys do – it’s in their blood.

The father-son connection is obvious with Ethan, who has worked with his father on the construction site since he was a boy. With over 40 years in the building trades, Roger Korpi has undoubtedly passed on a great deal to his son. Perhaps the most tangible is Ethan’s dedication to honoring the historical value of a building. When Ethan was young, the family moved into a log cabin from the late 1800s up in Tamworth, near Mount Chocorua. Rather than tear it down, Roger worked with the structure, renovated it and turned it into a home for his family. “I guess you could say he taught me the art of building recycling; taking the best of a structure and working with it to make it even better,” explains Korpi.

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