News : '5 Green Tips' from Jenaly Technology Group

Jun 19, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Herald

The Green Alliance presents 5 Green Tips, a weekly offering from its business partners. This week's tips come from Christopher Ring of Greenovations, a green building supply store in York, Maine.

1. Always ask questions about products you are considering. More specifically, ask how a company has arrived at a price. We often ask why something is so expensive, but we rarely ask the more important question: "Why is that so cheap?" Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

2. Look for a "green commitment," not just a "green coincidence." There is hardly a company out there today that isn't trying to market the green credentials of their product, whether those claims are legitimate or not. Sure, wool is renewable, but are wool rugs made with synthetic backings, dyes and stains truly "green?"

3. Respect the laws of nature. If we want to be good to the Earth, we need to respect the Earth for what it is and purchase products that work with nature, not against it.

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