News : Refinery Concrete apprentice proud of centuries-old tradition

May 4, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online.

By Jim Cavan

Most of us are familiar with internships. Chances are, a lot of us have had one – an unpaid one, even.

Apprenticeships, on the other hand, are often thought of as relics of the past. With roots tracing back to the Middle Ages – bakers, blacksmiths, and shoemakers being just a few of the more common examples – apprenticeships had for centuries functioned as a common way of bequeathing the next generation of workers the skills and trades of the times.

While the term has faded more than the practice, one New Hampshire company is taking up the apprenticeship mantle with equal parts perspective and pride.

Located in Seabrook, The Refinery is a cutting-edge concrete design company specializing in green techniques and products – sinks, tables and countertops, primarily.

Launched in March 2010 by Patrick and Kate Simons, The Refinery emphasizes the use of GFRC, or glass-reinforced concrete. Unlike traditional concrete, GFRC incorporates glass fibers, cement and sand in a mixture that is just as strong as traditional concrete, creating a product that is as eye-catching and sustainable as it is built to last.

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