News : For eZee Bikes, spring can't come soon enough

May 21, 2012

From Foster's Daily Democrat and Exeter Patch

By Jim Cavan

EXETER — For the folks at eZee Bikes in Exeter, longer days and final thaws can't come soon enough. Earlier this spring, owners Tom and Teresa Hemenway were chomping at the bit to begin promoting their new line of Sym gas-powered scooters.

Widely considered some of the best on the market, the Taiwan-produced Syms are — like rivals Honda and Vespa — renowned for their incredible gas mileage, which typically falls in the neighborhood of 120 miles per gallon.

With gas prices this summer expected to rival the painful highs of a few years ago, Hemenway has been eager to once again promote the wallet-friendly virtues of these two-wheeled wonders. "Just last week we filled up our sedan — not a huge car, by any means — and it cost us close to 60 dollars," recalls Tom Hemenway. "Then you think about these Sym scooters, and it costs maybe six or seven bucks to fill up."...

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