News : May 2012

Modern Industry Preserves Portsmouth’s Historic Identity

May 24, 2012

From Portsmouth PatchSeacoast Online Blogs and Fosters

By Andrew Tiebout

Until two hundred years ago, Portsmouth was a bustling seaport that fueled prosperity throughout the region. Today, the brick and mortar relics of that era make Portsmouth an iconic destination for tourists from around the country, but preserving that historic spirit is a challenge for a city that also wants to earn its place in the modern world.

The members of the Portsmouth Historical Society found themselves facing just such a hurdle five years ago when they moved their headquarters from the John Paul Jones House to the site of the old public library on Islington and Maplewood. Today, that location is known at the Portsmouth Discovery Center and – along with the aforementioned Portsmouth Historical Society – is home to the Seacoast African-American Cultural Center (SAACC) as well as the Star Island Corporation...

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Cruise into Summer with the Green Alliance!

May 23, 2012

From GA Seacoast Online Blog

By Allison Dudas

It’s getting to be that time of year in Portsmouth: the decks are open, the tourists are arriving and the party boats are cruising! Idyllic New England summers are made more so because of the chance to see our beautiful town by boat and the Green Alliance knows that a ride on one of the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company’s party boats is the perfect way to celebrate summer’s arrival.

Join the Green Alliance for live music, drinks, dancing and mingling on Friday, June 1st from 7-9:30 aboard the M/V Thomas Laighton. Free to Green Alliance members, this cruise is also open to those without a Green Alliance membership card! Just buy your $30 cruise ticket from and receive a one-year Green Alliance Membership (normally $35!). You’ll receive your Green card upon boarding.

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'5 Green Tips' from the Green Alliance!

May 22, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Herald

The Green Alliance presents "5 Green Tips," a weekly offering from its business partners. This week's personal green tips come from Green Alliance Director Sarah Brown.

1. Making local choices is a big part of sustainability. If households in New England shifted just 10 percent of their existing purchases to independently owned, local businesses, we would see thousands of new jobs created in our back yard.

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For eZee Bikes, spring can't come soon enough

May 21, 2012

From Foster's Daily Democrat and Exeter Patch

By Jim Cavan

EXETER — For the folks at eZee Bikes in Exeter, longer days and final thaws can't come soon enough. Earlier this spring, owners Tom and Teresa Hemenway were chomping at the bit to begin promoting their new line of Sym gas-powered scooters.

Widely considered some of the best on the market, the Taiwan-produced Syms are — like rivals Honda and Vespa — renowned for their incredible gas mileage, which typically falls in the neighborhood of 120 miles per gallon.

With gas prices this summer expected to rival the painful highs of a few years ago, Hemenway has been eager to once again promote the wallet-friendly virtues of these two-wheeled wonders. "Just last week we filled up our sedan — not a huge car, by any means — and it cost us close to 60 dollars," recalls Tom Hemenway. "Then you think about these Sym scooters, and it costs maybe six or seven bucks to fill up."...

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Cross Roads House goes for solar seconds

May 16, 2012

From Seacoast Online Blogs and Exeter Patch and Fosters Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

Being the largest transitional housing complex in the region, the folks at Cross Roads House in Portsmouth know a thing or two about loyalty and trust.

Which is why it came as no surprise when – needing a second solar hot water system to help meet growing demand from residents – the powers that be put in a call to a familiar face.

Having installed Cross Roads’ first solar hot water system – a 16-panel, 900-gallon tank unit – back in 2009, Jack Bingham, owner of SEA Solar Store, was all too pleased to comply...

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Prescott Farm: Passing Green on to the Next Generation

May 14, 2012

 With summer just around the corner, parents are already thinking about how to keep their kids active and engaged while off from school. With vacation being so long, parents are understandably concerned with what educators call “summer learning loss.”

Yet, summer is a wonderful break from the classroom and there would certainly be a number of rebellions right here on the Seacoast if it were taken away. Perhaps the answer to the loss of learning in the summer lies in stimulating kids’ minds in a different way – a way that isn’t as possible during the school year...

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Eco Sound Builders Follow in Fathers’ Footsteps for Efficiency and Preservation

May 14, 2012

 Most people dream of going to work everyday to do something they love. Ethan Korpi and Peter Robie of Eco Sound live out their passion each day by helping people renovate and build homes that are beautiful, high performing and earth-friendly. Ethan Korpi began Eco Sound Builders, LLC in 2007 with his father, Roger, and Robie joined the duo in 2009. With Roger overseeing operations in the NH Lakes region, Korpi and Robie are changing the way people think about homes here on the Seacoast.

A current project in Rye embodies much of Eco Sound’s philosophy, as their task is to retrofit an old home while preserving its historic character. Walking the line between preserving the old and embracing the new is what these guys do – it’s in their blood...

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Isle of Shoals Steamship Company Kicks off 2012 Season Continuing Green Focus

May 14, 2012

The Isle of Shoals Steamship Company is an iconic, albeit mobile, institution on the Seacoast. Having been in Portsmouth since 1962, the ISSCo is truly part of the community. Originally founded in 1962 as Viking Cruises by Arnold Whittaker, the Steamship Company is still in the family, having been passed along first to Bob, Arnold’s son and most recently, in 1999, to Arnold’s daughter-in-law, Robin Whittaker.

The residents of Portsmouth know summer is around the corner when they spot its boats in the harbor. Each year, the company offers 6 kinds of tours around the Seacoast in addition to the Thomas Laighton “party ships”, which can be chartered for all types of nautical adult fun. Running mostly private events for the month of May for groups like the graduating seniors from the University of New Hampshire, the ISSCo will offer its first public cruises on Memorial Day, Monday May 28th. From visiting Star Island to touring Portsmouth’s historic harbor, the Steamship Company is the main vessel to see the entire Seacoast...


New Ridgeview Hire Brings Experience, Expertise

May 8, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Patch.

By Jim Cavan

The thrilled customers, impressive accolades, and loaded docket alone would suggest Ridgeview Construction is a company in full command of a recession-defying success script.

But with their latest hire, the Deerfield-based Ridgeview has gone from a formidable crew to a veritable All-Star team of green-minded builders.

With sectors-spanning experience dating back to the mid 1980s, Chris Simpkins – brought on just last week as Ridgeview’s newest Project Manager – promises to add to the company’s already impressive wealth of knowledge and building chops.

“He has a very wide range of experience, so we’re excited to have him aboard,” exclaimed Shane Carter, Ridgeview’s Founder and President. “He’s been active in green building longer than anyone else here, so having that kind of expertise is going to be a huge help going forward.”

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For UNH alum, “eco-art” creates real bond to the world

May 7, 2012

Published by The New Hampshire

By Susan Doucet

Tim Gaudreau builds “green furniture” - literally. He creates couches from grass and dirt.

Gaudreau is a self-described “eco-artist,” a category of artist that falls into the larger genre of sustainability-related art, which is becoming increasingly present in the art world.

“What that means is that basically I’m not driven by any specific mediums, but by the issues at hand,” Gaudreau said of eco-art...

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'5 Green Tips' from EcoMovement

May 7, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online

The Green Alliance presents "5 Green Tips," a weekly offering from its business partners. This week's tips come from Rian Bedard of EcoMovement.

1. By composting, you can offset the emissions from your car. Plus, you'd be helping to reduce the near-34 million tons of refuse that ends up in landfills every year.

2. We are the source of waste. Before you pick something off the shelf, imagine it as trash going to a landfill. Is it absolutely necessary?...

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Refinery Concrete apprentice proud of centuries-old tradition

May 4, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online.

By Jim Cavan

Most of us are familiar with internships. Chances are, a lot of us have had one – an unpaid one, even.

Apprenticeships, on the other hand, are often thought of as relics of the past. With roots tracing back to the Middle Ages – bakers, blacksmiths, and shoemakers being just a few of the more common examples – apprenticeships had for centuries functioned as a common way of bequeathing the next generation of workers the skills and trades of the times.

While the term has faded more than the practice, one New Hampshire company is taking up the apprenticeship mantle with equal parts perspective and pride.

Located in Seabrook, The Refinery is a cutting-edge concrete design company specializing in green techniques and products – sinks, tables and countertops, primarily.

Launched in March 2010 by Patrick and Kate Simons, The Refinery emphasizes the use of GFRC, or glass-reinforced concrete. Unlike traditional concrete, GFRC incorporates glass fibers, cement and sand in a mixture that is just as strong as traditional concrete, creating a product that is as eye-catching and sustainable as it is built to last.

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Cutting edge Cloud service a coup for local IT firm

May 4, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

Throughout its 15-year history, Jenaly Technology Group has staked much of its claim on providing convenient information technology (IT) solutions geared at helping business not only save money, but reduce their carbon footprint as well.

Whether it’s encouraging the digitization of paperwork, consolidating technology to reduce electricity use, or advocating for non-toxic “solid ink” printing capabilities, Jenaly’s sustainability-driven approach has been as effective as it is all-encompassing.

But seldom has Founder M.J. Shoer been this excited about a potentially game-changing product or service...

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Arborists plan Portsmouth celebration for Arbor Day

May 4, 2012

Published in Foster's

By Emma Groves

Portsmouth has a history of being a "tree-friendly city." In July of last year it was recertified as a Tree City USA for the 12th year in a row by the National Arbor Foundation.

Portsmouth repeatedly receives this recognition because of its investment in street trees and its use of native species in various areas such as public parks. This Friday, April 27 is nationally recognized Arbor Day and here in Portsmouth members of the Seacoast Arborist Collaborative will continue the city's tree-friendly tradition with an Arbor Day celebration at Prescott Park by donating their time to care for the trees...

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Laurel Court Harkens to Seacoast’s Past and Future Alike

May 1, 2012

Published in the Exeter Patch and Portsmouth Patch

By Jim Cavan

At first glance, Laurel Court – a plot of 19 home-ready lots in Portsmouth – appears a thoroughly contemporary cluster development, with the soon-to-be constructed craftsmen and bungalow style homes all built to high performance energy efficient standards.

In fact, the schematics of the tight-knit neighborhood actually harken to another Port City staple: Atlantic Heights, the charming, tree-lined neighborhood near the 1-95 bridge, and the country’s first ever federally funded housing project.

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