News : Ridgeview Helps Give Modular Homes 21st Century Green Feel

Apr 16, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Patch.

By Jim Cavan

For decades, modular homes have had to combat a number of ill-founded stigmas regarding everything from aesthetics to efficacy to durability.

But improved technologies, combined with a growing green orientation, are helping shine a distinct 21st century light on the century-old method.

It was precisely that combination of trends that compelled the Deerfield-based Ridgeview Construction to partner with one of the country’s foremost experts in modular design, in the hopes of spearheading a modular revolution of sorts here in the Granite State.

Located in Wingdale, New York, Westchester Modular Homes was founded in 1986 to meet rising demand for housing in the Northeast. In early 2000, Westchester became the nation’s first modular home company to be 100% employee owned.

Years before joining the Ridgeview team, Matt Silva held his first home construction job under Westchester’s roof. Ever since, he’s been eager to bridge the gap between two traditionally differing construction philosophies, in such a way as to bring out the best of both approaches.

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