News : The Heat is (Always) On: Inside the latest green heating craze

Apr 20, 2012

Published on Green Alliance Blog and Green Energy Times

Written by Jim Cavan

He didn’t know it at the time, but a miscommunication with his home’s previous owner would eventually result in one of the best purchase decisions Bill DeCarolis ever made.

DeCarolis — who lived in Eliot, Maine for years before purchasing his gorgeous Newcastle home in 2010 — thought that the owners agreed to include their vintage, early 20th century woodstove and porcelain kitchenette in the sale.

“When we went to move in, all that was left was a plate-sized vent hole with nothing attached,” recalls DeCarolis with the kind of chuckle that’s only made possible with the benefit of hindsight. “So for a little while I just covered it with a black pie plate, as I tried to figure out what to put there.”

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