News : April 2012

New Hampshire Chronicle: NH Business that are going green

Apr 24, 2012

In the lead up to Earth Day, WMUR sent their New Hampshire Chronicle crew out to cover the unique stories of three Green Alliance Business Partners: Green Earth Baby Works, Newmarket Dental, and eZee Bikes.

Whether it's Kim Leo discussing the tremendous reduction of waste to be had in switching to cloth diapers, Dr. Nathan Swanson touting his dental practice's rapid shift to recycled plastic toothbrush's and 100% digital paperwork system, or Tom Hemmenway extolling the green virtues of electric bikes, the camera's glow definitely brought out the best in these stallwart GA businesses!

Talk about some great exposure!

Check out the video by clicking here!

Inside the latest green heating craze: Eco Firebox turns fireplaces into super-efficient heaters

Apr 24, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

He didn't know it at the time, but a miscommunication with his home's previous owner would eventually result in one of the best purchase decisions Bill DeCarolis has ever made.

DeCarolis, who lived in Eliot for years before purchasing his home in New Castle, N.H., in 2010, thought the owners agreed to include their vintage, early 20th century woodstove and porcelain kitchenette in the sale.

"When we went to move in, all that was left was a plate-sized vent hole with nothing attached," DeCarolis recalled with a chuckle only possible with the benefit of hindsight. "So for a little while I just covered it with a black pie plate, as I tried to figure out what to put there..."

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From run-down to regenerated: Simply Green springs up park with rain garden

Apr 24, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

When Simply Green turned an abandoned Route 1 Toyota dealership into a thriving green-oriented business campus — aptly named Regeneration Park — it recognized one of the biggest challenges would be figuring out what to do with the expansive, worn-down parking lot.

Joel Bobbett and the rest of the Simply Green team knew they wanted whatever measure they took to be in keeping with Regeneration Park's impressive green ethos, which already included myriad recycled materials, efficient lighting and heating, and other measures.

It was getting from here to there that posed the real challenge...

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The Heat is (Always) On: Inside the latest green heating craze

Apr 20, 2012

Published on Green Alliance Blog and Green Energy Times

Written by Jim Cavan

He didn’t know it at the time, but a miscommunication with his home’s previous owner would eventually result in one of the best purchase decisions Bill DeCarolis ever made.

DeCarolis — who lived in Eliot, Maine for years before purchasing his gorgeous Newcastle home in 2010 — thought that the owners agreed to include their vintage, early 20th century woodstove and porcelain kitchenette in the sale.

“When we went to move in, all that was left was a plate-sized vent hole with nothing attached,” recalls DeCarolis with the kind of chuckle that’s only made possible with the benefit of hindsight. “So for a little while I just covered it with a black pie plate, as I tried to figure out what to put there.”

Redhook, museum team up

Apr 20, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Herald

Written by Aaron Sanborn

EXETER-  Beer lovers will have the chance to toast history this summer with a special brew made in honor of the town's American Independence Museum.

The Redhook Brewery has created the American Independence Ale as part of its regional "Brewery Backyard Series."

American Independence Ale will be available on tap only throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine this summer and early fall beginning on Memorial Day weekend.

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Green businesses feting Earth Day

Apr 20, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Herald

Party for the Planet on Friday

PORTSMOUTH — Earthtec Outfitters is holding an Earth Day party and everyone's invited.

Earthtec and Green Alliance will hold their Party for the Planet on Friday, April 20, from 6 to 10 p.m. at the West Road warehouse.

Live music, beer, a free raw bar and green vendors highlight the night, Earthtec owner Dennis Randall said.

"We felt the party was a good way to remind people of the great green community we're a part of," he said.

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Ridgeview Helps Give Modular Homes 21st Century Green Feel

Apr 16, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Patch.

By Jim Cavan

For decades, modular homes have had to combat a number of ill-founded stigmas regarding everything from aesthetics to efficacy to durability.

But improved technologies, combined with a growing green orientation, are helping shine a distinct 21st century light on the century-old method.

It was precisely that combination of trends that compelled the Deerfield-based Ridgeview Construction to partner with one of the country’s foremost experts in modular design, in the hopes of spearheading a modular revolution of sorts here in the Granite State.

Located in Wingdale, New York, Westchester Modular Homes was founded in 1986 to meet rising demand for housing in the Northeast. In early 2000, Westchester became the nation’s first modular home company to be 100% employee owned.

Years before joining the Ridgeview team, Matt Silva held his first home construction job under Westchester’s roof. Ever since, he’s been eager to bridge the gap between two traditionally differing construction philosophies, in such a way as to bring out the best of both approaches.

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Bicycle Sawp Set at Downtown Shop

Apr 12, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Herald

Written by Becky Holt

PORTSMOUTH- The fourth annual Seacoast Bike Swap hosted by Papa Wheelies on Islington Street will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 15.

The event allows residents to sell their old bikes, receive a credit toward store merchandise or service, and contribute to a number of charitable causes. The swap is being led by store manager Josh Pierce.

"Four years ago, with the recession really hitting home, we wanted to help folks unload their pre-owned bikes," Pierce says, adding residents with older bikes can bring the to the store by Saturday, April 14.

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Cornerstone's Micum Davis helps bid adieu to South Church tree

Apr 9, 2012

Last Thursday, Portsmouth residents, business leaders, and Seacoast community members bid a fond, final farewell to the stately South Church beech tree.

While over 150 residents had signed a petition requesting that the city preserve it, church officials maintained that the 90-year-old tree's roots had begun to seriously affect the building's foundations.

Micum Davis, owner of GA Business Partner Cornerstone Tree Care, was chosen to fell the near century-old giant. Before during so, Davis delievered a heart-felt poem in honor of the tree.

Check out the video below to hear Micum's speech and take one last look at a Portsmouth icon.

Community says a goodbye as South Church cuts tree

Apr 6, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

Written by Charles McMahon

PORTSMOUTH — The removal of the 90-year-old European copper beech tree at South Church on Thursday prompted tears and fond farewells from community members who lined the sidewalk on State Street to watch as workers trimmed the historic tree all the way to its trunk.

A crew from Cornerstone Tree Care showed up at South Church early in the day to prepare for the tree's removal. A crane was brought in, and a police detail was present as part of Church Street was closed down.

The European copper beech tree's fate had been the subject of controversy in recent weeks. Residents rallied to dissuade church officials from having the tree removed, creating an online petition and adorning the tree and the area around it with signs and flowers in support of saving the tree.

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Businesses back burying ground memorial

Apr 5, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Herald

Written by Deborah McDermott

PORTSMOUTH- For Eric Weinried, John Bosen and Steven Webb, Chestnut Street is not only the site of the city's first African Burying Ground. It's also where they conduct business.

And so they said thay have a particular affinity to this place, and affinity that feel so strongly that their businesses have donated $10,000 each to the burying ground memorial fund.

Weinrieb is president of Altus Engineering; Bosen is principle of Bosen and Associates law firm; and Webb is president of TD Bank in New Hampshire. Bosen and Wienrieb's offices look out onto Chestnut Street; TD Bank's State Street parking lot and drive-up lanes are across the street. All three said they are moved by the story of the 13 African bodies found interred underneath Chestnut Street in 2003, some of the estimated 200 remains in the burying ground that spills across Court Street and beyond.

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Trip to India A Decade in The Making for Yoga Studio Owner

Apr 3, 2012

Published in the Exeter Patch and Seacoast Online

Written by Jim Cavan

Spending a month in a foreign country – diving headlong into the more ethereal aspects of its history, culture, and traditions – would understandably impart a kind of culture shock in most.

Lona Kovacs felt it much more coming home.

Kovacs, owner of Green Lotus Yoga Studio in Dover, recently returned stateside after a five-week trip to India. Spending most of her time in the southern Province of Mysore, Kovacs immersed herself fully in the various accoutrement of Ashtanga, a yogic tradition rooted in some of India’s most ancient texts.

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Fair Tide Thrift Store Announces April Sponsors

Apr 3, 2012

Source: Seacoast Online

KITTERY, Maine — Fair Tide will announce A Perfect Move and One More Referral's Kittery Chapter as its thrift store sponsors for April at a gathering at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, at the store at 15 State Road.

Referring to the sponsorship as a partnership in which the store and sponsoring businesses mutually benefit, Fair Tide's Barbara McGaughey expressed the need to "think outside the box."

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N.H. is near top for women-owned business revenue

Apr 2, 2012

Featured in Seacoast Online

By Michael McCord

A recently released study shows that New Hampshire is one of the top states in the country for revenue generated by women-owned businesses.

New Hampshire has an estimated 37,700 women-owned firms, employing 37,800 workers and generating an estimated $6.895 billion in sales in 2012, according to the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report. The comprehensive report was commissioned by American Express OPEN and released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The study, which follows similar research released in 2011, tracked national trends in women-owned businesses from 1997 to 2012. While New Hampshire ranked 32nd in the growth overall of women-owned businesses during that time frame, it was sixth in the country in the rate of revenue growth at 121 percent...

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