News : Thirsty Crowd Lines up for Kate the Great

Mar 9, 2012

Published in The Portsmouth Herrold and Seacoastonline

By Rachel Forrest 

March 5th, 2012

PORTSMOUTH — They came to taste one of the world's best beers. The line to sip a glass of the Portsmouth Brewery's 2012 release of Kate the Great Russian Imperial Stout snaked outside and around the corner from the restaurant on Market Street beginning at 2:55 a.m. By 10:50 a.m. when the doors opened, it was close to 500 strong, at least double last year's number.

The first fans in line were on a mission.

“We're doing a Web TV show about beer release days and this is our first one,” says Ron Johnson from San Francisco. He and Dave Hering from Boston launched to tap into beer fans' interest in rare, single-release and highly rated beers like Kate the Great. “We had a 2010 bottle and it had a smooth creaminess — lovely creamy and smooth,” said Hering. “I just had to try it on tap.”...

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