News : Eric Flaim Cautions Perspective in Wake of MF Global Scandal

Mar 13, 2012

Published in Seacoastonline and ExeterPatch

By Jim Cavan

When former New Jersey Governor and M.F. Global CEO John Corzine confided in front of a Senate Finance Committee in late 2011 that he wasn’t quite sure how $1.2 billion of his former company’s holdings had suddenly disappeared, it was a statement as incredible and dark as the near four-years financial context in which it unfolded.

Four years removed from the collapse of AIG, Lehmann Brothers, and the near sinking of myriad other Wall Street powerhouses, the mysterious circumstances surrounding MF Global’s out-of-nowhere bankruptcy had many wondering how far our country’s financial regulatory system had really come.

For his part, Eric Flaim, Financial Advisor with Ameriprise, counts himself as someone at once shocked and disappointed by MF Global’s wholly suspicious collapse...

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