News : York County Shelter Programs Tries to Offset Recent Budget Cuts

Feb 17, 2012

Published in Seacoast Online Blogs.

By Derek Zaentz

Due to budget cuts from the York County Commissioners office, many social service agencies have been worried about covering their operating costs. The York County Shelter Program’s funding has been cut by $31,000, part of the York County Commissioners’ mass cut of $100,000 to the area’s six social service organizations.

YCSP fear that, due to rising costs, along with their grant being cut, covering expenses will be unattainable. Donations have helped stopped the bleeding, but it has not been enough.

Mary Doyle, Public Relations Manager at the York County helper Programs, made a few comments on how she felt about the significant cut towards her company’s budget. “It’s been really frustrating because the need for food at the food pantry has doubled since last year.”

She went on to say that the budget cut of $31,000 came at a very tough time due to the increased demand for food.

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