News : Ski for just $9.25 with the GA with Shawnee Peak!

Feb 17, 2012

Published by Portsmouth Patch

Written by Jim Cavan

March typically finds New England residents raring for the warmth and comforts of spring. But with winter having hardly arrived here in the Northeast, chances are many will take the next six weeks or so to get some much-needed use out of ski and snowboard about the region’s myriad snow-capped hubs.

Luckily, Shawnee Peak is one resort planning to save one of its best weekend events for that most unpredictable of months. And the GA plans to make it more than worth your while!

Together with Green Alliance and 92.5 The River, Shawnee will play host to a day of great runs, sweet tunes, and evening revelry at their Bridgeton Maine resort on Friday, March 9th...

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